Slovenia offers a wide variety of landscapes and is a perfect holiday destination for many types of tourists. Alpine landscapes in the northwest, Mediterranean in the southwest, Pannonian in the northeast, and Dinaric in the southeast. Each offers its own natural, geographic, architectural, and cultural features. Slovenia has mountains, meadows, lakes, caves, and the sea, making it an attractive holiday destination in Europe.

Slovenia is especially well known for its pristine nature and has worked on protecting its natural sites. Visitors to Slovenia can visit one large national park – the Triglav national park, three regional natural parks (Kozjansko, Nortanjska and Škocjan caves) and numerous landscape parks nature reservations, geoparks, botanical gardens and over 1000 natural monuments.

Among the best places to visit in Slovenia, for travelers who seek pristine unspoiled nature, we find Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj at the heart of the Triglav national park of Slovenia, two UNESCO protected sites of the Škocjan caves, and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians in Loška dolina, a plethora of riverside locations, such as the Soča river valley, and many more interesting places.