Building bridges between Slovenia, Western Balkan, Africa and Asia

Our mission is "To become your reliable and high-quality partner between Africa, Asia and Slovenia or other Western Balkans countries in the fields of tourism, investment and business consulting".
Counselling & Market research
Are you searching for business opportunities in Slovenia or the Western Balkans?

If you are searching for business opportunities in Slovenia or the Western Balkans, have a service or product that you would like to offer in these markets, or would like to know more about the market structure in Slovenia or the Western Balkans .......
Conferences & Workshops
CEATM offers conferences and organizes presentation meetings for businesses.

Together with our African and Asian partners, we can arrange for companies from Slovenia and the Western Balkans to come and present themselves in your country or vice versa.We also offer training and seminars for your employees, to equip them with knowledge...





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