Another one of the most interesting places to visit in Slovenia is located in the narrow valley of the Vipava river, bordering Italy on the west, known in Roman times as the valley of fluvius frigidus (the cold river), the modern day Vipava valley.

It has been claimed that Vipava valley is the place where the famous fierce Battle of the Frigidus in 394 AD was fought between the Eastern and Western Roman Empire, which finally ended the internal conflict in the divided Empire. As the story goes, frosty Slovenian northern windsmanaged to defeat a 10 thousand man army by blowing clouds of dust in the faces of the Western troops and even turning the arrows shot by the soldiers back at them, resulting in the victory of the Eastern Roman emperor Theodosius. The battle is also recognized as a victory of Christianity over the pagan western religions. One of the more important battles of the Roman Empire only lasted one day, two by some accounts.

For tourists interested in ancient history and planning on visiting Europe or spending a week in Slovenia, Vipava valley is the holiday destination for you.