CEATM d.o.o. (hereinafter "we") pays great attention to the protection of personal data.
In the following, we provide all the information about what data we capture and how we then process it.


Your personal information in the contact form

In order to be able to answer your direct question or inquiry, you can contact us by e-mail, telephone, by post, in person or by filling out the contact form on this website. In any case, we protect your personal data as a business secret and use it so that we can conduct business communication with you or to answer your question - inquiry. In no case do we pass on your data to third parties.


In case you fill in our online form, you must enter at least your personal data name, surname, telephone number and e-mail address. We use these exclusively to answer your question - demand. We do not store your entered personal data in any database or list and delete them after we have sent you the answer.


Your privacy with cookies



When you visit our websites, cookies are transferred to your computer, smartphone, tablet or other device with a built-in web browser in addition to the content. Cookies are short text files that make it easier and better to use our websites, record your potential settings, connect to social networks, and allow us to perform traffic analysis and thus constantly improve our content and our offer.


We do not collect any information with our cookies, which could be used to personally identify you or to adjust the content of our websites in any way, if you have not set it yourself. This site does not use or need your personal information for its operation. Although we do not encroach on your privacy with our cookies and you visit the site completely anonymously in any case, we still kindly ask you to allow us to place cookies on your computer with your consent.




You can also influence the storage of cookies with the settings in your web browser. With the appropriate settings, you can restrict their use at any time or disable it completely. In addition, you can delete all cookies that have already been installed on your computer at any time via your web browsers. To help you, we provide links to instructions on how to do this with some popular web browsers:





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Purpose: : our CMS tool sets it when accessing the site and is intended only for the operation of this system and only if you are the editor of this site. In other case this cookie is not on your computer.
Owner: our company
Lifetime: until the end of the session


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Owner: our company
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