Among many tourist attractions in Slovenia and other Balkan countries, natural sites are still among the more popular, which is especially noticeable in fishing tourism. If you feel like fishing in intact and preserved nature, clean rivers, lakes and sea, then Slovenia and other Western Balkan countries are the place for you.

Western Balkan's waters are a hunting and fishing paradise, with numerous species of fish, of which over 20 are of interest to fishermen (freshwater fishes like catfish, pike, carp, trout, etc. and marine fishes like tuna, fly fish, grey shark, etc.). The majority can be fished for and caught with artificial flies, drifting, traditional trolling and many other fishing techniques. A fishing licence is required to fish, but is easy to obtain.

The rivers in Slovenia and on Balkan Peninsula are still clean. Limestone is the predominant bedrock, which gives the landscape its characteristic look, and gives the clear waters a very attractive turquoise to emerald green colour. The most known rivers are Soča, Sava and Kolpa in Slovenia, Kupa and Gačka in Croatia, Ribnik and Una in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Drina in Serbia, Tara and Mrtvica in Montenegro, Drin in Albania and Radika in Macedonia.

If you still want something more there are a number of lakes that attract fishermen. Fishing on Slovenian and other West Balkan's lakes has a specific charm, as you can enjoy the beautiful, well-preserved environment while fishing for some of the largest species of fish. For all those who prefer angling on lakes, they can try the lakes Bohinj, Bled, Ohrid, Rakitje, Kruščica, Biogradsko, Črno, Modrac, Scutari, and many others.

For those who love sea fishing, Big-game fishing in the Adriatic sea can be an exciting adventure. The Adriatic sea offers many of the best places to visit in Slovenia and is a popular tourist destination for those who come spend a week in Slovenia or tourists who choose to travel to Slovenia or the Balkan countries for a longer holiday. The sun, the salt air, the cruise, the breathtaking scenery of the Balkan Peninsula and the very thrill of fishing in the azure-blue Adriatic waters are incomparable.