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African Tourist Welcome service is a perfect tool for everyone to get wider knowledge on African outbound market. It is intended for companies from Slovenia and the Western Balkans so that they can adapt to African tourists.

Three- step approach from training (individuals) to company (organisation) and destination (city/region) is the only one of a kind on the current market. This holistic approach boosts synergies among competent and qualified stakeholders, providing further quality to the tourism offer facing toward the African outbound Tourism market. Get yourself ready for African clients and customers.

We offer a seminar AfricanWellCome2WB on the special features of the tourist market to African travel agencies and others entering the market of Slovenia and the Western Balkans.

In the seminar you will get acquainted with the market and its specialties. The content of the course includes various thematic sections, which are: history of the region, natural sights, religions in the region, ethnology, legislative framework.

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Our professional conference management services dovetail with our expertise and provide access to a unique range of services. The conferences are intended for a meeting of experts in the field of education and science to promote the integration of Slovenia, the countries of the Western Balkans and Africa.

In addition to professional conferences, we also organize presentation meetings, which are intended for business delegations that would like to present themselves on the market of Slovenia and the Western Balkans. Together with African partners, we can arrange for companies from Slovenia and the Western Balkans to come and present themselves in your country.


Topic: Empowering students: interdisciplinary research and innovation for tomorrow's challenges

Join us at the Global Sustainable Scientific Symposium from Join us at the Global Sustainable Scientific Symposium, which will be held from May 22nd to 24th, 2024 in Ekonomska šola Celje, Višja strokovna šola, Slovenia.
The GSSSiS 2024 Symposium is an opportunity to build bridges between different professional fields and shape a sustainable future. Students, professors, directors, principals, and all are welcome.
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