A break or a holiday, or a simple day trip is important to our lives, giving us something to look forward to, time to enjoy our families, a chance for adventure, or perhaps some time to ourselves, to recover, and acquire memories of happy times. How about a week in Slovenia or a Western Balkan country?

In the last decade, tourism in Europe has taken a step towards inclusion. Some people can encounter barriers to their participation in tourism - disabled people, older people, people with health issues, etc. We are working to overcome this. We're here to ensure that disabled people can benefit from enriching and fun travel experiences along with their able-bodied family and friends. Western Balkan and Slovenia are thus a great holiday destinations for travellers with special requirements. Here we will provide you with suitable transport and accommodation, appropriate tours, etc.

In the West Balkan countries, there are many natural health resorts, thermal spas and wellness centres which can contribute to improving the welfare and health. Among the 10 best places to visit in Slovenia and the Balkans, where one can indulge in some spa treatments, we find Laško, Radenci and Olimia in Slovenia, Varaždinsketoplice, Istarsketoplice and Bizovačketoplice in Croatia, Bojnice in Serbia, Katlanovo and Negorci in Macedonia, Banja Vručica in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are many other interesting places to visit in Slovenia, that offer accommodation and suitable transport, diet, etc. for travellers with disabilities.