Balkan countries and Slovenia offer many popular holiday destinations for golfers. Golfing in Slovenia and other West Balkan countries provides direct contact with nature, and enjoyment of the green countryside, which has a wealth of diversity.

Same goes for the region's well-kept, convenient golf courses and driving ranges. They can be found in the countryside typical of the Pannonian Plain, among vineyards and hills, below the Alpine peaks and in the idyllic Karst landscape, which all host some of the best places to visit in Slovenia and the Balkans, whether you are visiting for its golfing sites, planning a week in Slovenia to maybe experience the type of food Slovenia and the Balkan has to offer or are coming for a longer Slovenian vacation, to explore interesting places in Slovenia and its surrounding countries.

Slovenia with other West Balkan countries aim to make all of its golf courses environment-friendly, thereby upholding one of the game's highest values, namely diversity of landscape.

The golf courses cater for beginners and experienced players alike. Lessons are available for beginners, children and anyone else who wants to improve their skills, both one-on-one lessons, and group lessons.

There are many courses to choose from. Some of the best places to visit in Slovenia and the Balkans, that offer golfing among their other popular tourist attractions are: Bled and Lipica in Slovenia, Umag and Brioni Island in Croatia, Belgrade in Serbia, Javorje in Montenegro, Sarajevo and Posušje in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Western Balkan peninsula has good transport connections with other known European countries like Italy, Austria and Hungary. Golf lovers have the possibility to also visit golf courses in cities like Trieste, Grado or Tarvisio in Italy, in the Austrian state of Tyrol, Burgenland or Carinthia, or on the lake Balaton in Hungary.