If you are considering studying in Europe and are searching for universities in Europe, Slovenia has plenty of scholarship options for international students. Cost of living in Slovenia is relatively low compared to other European countries, same goes for cost of accommodation, and there is a good possibility of finding a job while studying.

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The advantages of studying in Slovenia:

  • A wide range of study programs, quality education and international diploma.
  • Slovenes pay great attention to investments in education, which positively affects the quality of acquired knowledge and the level of employment for graduates.
  • Studying in Slovenia has numerous advantages, which are actively used by both Slovenian and foreign students.

If you are interested in studying in Slovenia, please do contact us. We offer assistance to students who would like to complete their studies in Slovenia, and can offer information about the best universities for international students in Europe, schooling and scholarship options in Slovenia and Europe, possibility of finding a job while studying, cost of living and food in Slovenia and more.

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