We are a young innovative company, which together with its partners offers unique services,

we specialized in the Chinese market with 10 years of experience,

we offer you a comprehensive education and consulting services,

we know Chinese culture and language,

our employees come from China and different Western Balkans countries,

we know local habits, languages, culture and business environment,

we are COTRI (China Outbound Tourism Research Institute) license holders exclusively for Western Balkans countries,

we are active in Western Balkan academic sphere in the field of tourism,

we are offering unique tourism product in the Western Balkan region through our network,

we are offering exciting investment opportunities,

we strongly believe in our mission.

Building bridges between western Balkan and China

Our mission is "To become your reliable and high-quality partner between China and Western Balkans countries in the fields of tourism, investment and business consulting".


Why Western Balkan?

Good relationship from the past with China.

It has unspoiled nature.

It has excellent geographical location, natural resources and climate.

It is a multicultural destination with rich history.

It has a great potential in the fields of tourism, investment and business.

It is becoming more open to foreign investments.

Increasing number of companies that want to do business with China.

The countries are integrating in the European Union.

It has good logistic connections with the rest of Europe.

It is becoming more known for Chinese tourists.

AboutCEATM offers a range of specialized services for Chinese entrepreneurs wishing to expand to West Balkans countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia), especially in the domain of tourism and hospitality industry. We build strategic partnerships through our network – at your request, we can help you find a partner in the West Balkan market. We promise a smooth and fluent collaboration with local partners as well as innovative suggestions for marketing and promotional activities that are custom-tailored to suit your needs. In addition we offer a professional support for setting up enterprises, familiarizing with local tax, labour legislation and
investments or acquisitions in real estate markets.

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