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InvestmentWe would like to help you in developing, financing and managing Real Estate projects and acquired companies. The members of our partner network are in most cases partners and consultants of local communities and private investors. We can effectively help you both in purchasing process, as well as in the designing and constructing of complex business parks, commercial buildings and residential buildings and we are ensuring top management for the executing turnarounds in operations of acquired Companies. For foreign direct investments is also available grants for new jobs and for the purchase of technological equipment. For all this purpose we`ll be preparing an application with all the necessary documentation.


Why Invest in the Western Balkans?

The price of labor is lower than the other EU countries;Western Balkans is becoming increasingly interesting for investments because of low prices and options offered by geographic location, the region is also competitive in taxation.

Investing in Western Balkan brings promising investment opportunities in the European market with 600 million inhabitants practically without customs, fiscal or administrative barriers.

Our Values

Together with our partner network, we are offering a strong support in real estate purchase, such as:

  • tourist resorts, hotels, casinos, water and amusement parks
  • castles,
  • residential buildings (luxury apartments, houses and villas)
  • office buildings for industrial activity,
  • business and shopping centers
  • land (construction plot of land for business and agricultural land)


We also offer the strong support in purchasing and acquisition actives and restructuring programs for the companies in the fields of mechanical and electrical industry, energy, telecommunications, construction, food, chemical, wood and paper industries, as well as other companies.

All facilities are on eminent locations. If you decide to cooperate with us, you not only buy the building, but we are able to help you in successful realizing your business opportunities.

We can prepare a feasibility studies, analyze and propose the best locations, prepare market research, and calculate the economic viability of the potential investment.

In addition, we offer a high professional level for developing the new construction projects for complex business districts in terms of urbanization of undeveloped locations.We are focusing mainly on the following activities:

  • purchase of land,
  • preparation of project documentation (community infrastructure, individual objects),
  • implementation of municipal administration,
  • obtain an operating permit,
  • the construction of individual buildings,
  • promotion and marketing and
  • handover constructed buildings

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