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TourismChinese tourists are playing more important role in Western Balkan Balkan (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia). We have found out that in recent years Chinese tourists attended mainly classical tours and visited main tourist attractions in big groups. Their market share has doubled in the last five years. We would like to offer your clients different experience.


We are searching and connecting Chinese tour operators and travel agencies with West Balkan travel agencies and tourism providers.

Tourism is people, people deserve their wishes, needs and dreams to be fulfilled.

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InvestmentWe would like to help you in developing, financing and managing Real Estate projects and acquired companies. The members of our partner network are in most cases partners and consultants of local communities and private investors. We can effectively help you both in purchasing process, as well as in the designing and constructing of complex business parks, commercial buildings and residential buildings and we are ensuring top management for the executing turnarounds in operations of acquired Companies. For foreign direct investments is also available grants for new jobs and for the purchase of technological equipment. For all this purpose we`ll be preparing an application with all the necessary documentation.


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