Slovenian and Western Balkan tourist attraction

Discovering Ljubljana

Tourism in Europe: Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia

Discovering Slovenia

Tourism in Europe: Slovenia in the embrace of pristine nature

Discovering Caves

Tourism in Europe: Caves of Slovenia and the Balkans

Discovering Slovenia’s coast


Nova Gorica, City of Roses

Tourism in Europe: Nova Gorica, City of Roses

From Venice to Vienna

Tourism in Europe: From Vienna to Venice via Slovenia

The emerald Soča river

Tourism in Europe: The emerald Soca river

Paths of the Roman Empire

Tourism in Europe: Paths of the Roman Empire

Discovering Unesco Sites

Tourism in Europe: UNESCO Sites In Slovenia and in Other Balkan Countries

Discovering Traditions

Tourism in Europe: Culture, Customs and Traditions of Slovenia and Balkan


Tourism in Europe: Fishing in Slovenia and in Other Balkan Countries

Hot Springs

Tourism in Europe: Slovenian and Western Balkan Hot Springs


Tourism in Europe: Golf in Slovenia and in Other Balkan Countries

Outdoor Activites

Tourism in Europe: Outdoor Activities in Slovenia and Other Balkan Countries

Tito Tours

Tourism in Europe: Tito Tours

Our advantages

  • niche products – our tourist programs are customer oriented
  • flexibility – together with our partners we are creating products that are meeting tourists expectations
  • individuality – we offer a personal approach which is supported by the Chinese speaking staff
  • sustainable development – we are following the “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs


Our tourist programs are custom-tailored and include different countries. Together we can also create tourist programs that are matching your needs.

Together with our partner network we have prepared special niche tourist programs for your groups and individual tourists

  • small private groups wanting to do sports and adrenalin activities (golf, skiing, rafting, canyoning, paragliding)
  • active people wishing to enjoy unspoiled nature and hanging out with local inhabitants (hunters, fishers, cavers, hikers, beekeepers, cycling, surfing, ...)
  • groups and individuals wanting to know local culture, history, language, customs (carnivals, dancing, festivals, religious tourism, ...) and people
  • people with health issues and disability (transport in vehicles modified for passengers with disabilities, spas for paraplegics and people with multiple sclerosis)

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